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Used Outboard Parts & Fresh Water Sterndrive Parts

NOTICE!!!!!!!!! The pitch of the propeller is extremely important! Ordering the wrong propeller pitch will result in poor performance. All propeller returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee with no refund on shipping charges. This new propeller can only be returned within 14 days of receiving and only if the propeller is not used. If you are not confident in your decision Email or call us we are happy to guide you.

Solas # 1453-130-19
Brand: HR Titan 4
Stainless Steel
4 blades
13 inch diameter
19 inch pitch
Right Hand rotation (Standard Clockwise Rotation)
Fits 15 Tooth Spline Propeller shaft.
4 1/4 inch gear case bullet
Rubber Hub System Built In-REQUIRES NO HUB KIT

Solas HR Titan 4 Stainless Prop Features:
Excellent cruising performance
Provides great stern lift and acceleration
High rake blade with large cupping design
Delivers powerful thrust and very smooth performance
Increased speed and fuel economy in the engine's mid-range
Rubber hub for easy installation and excellent gripping force
minimizing cavitation under heavy loads.
Delivers powerful thrust and very smooth performance.
Increased speed and fuel efficiency in engines mid-range.
Tough heavy duty rubber bushing smooths shifting and won't slip.
Solas stainless steel propellers feature the industries highest percentage of chromium, nickel and molybdenum materials to resist rust from salt water and increase the stability of the propeller blades.

This Boat Prop fits the following Mercury and Mariner outboard Motors:
40/50 HP Bigfoot 4 stroke / All years
60 HP Seapro or Marathon 2-stroke or 4-stroke / 1995 & newer
60 HP Bigfoot 2-Stroke /1995 & newer
70 HP 2-stroke or 4-stroke / 1987-1989
75 HP 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke / 1984 & newer
75 HP Sea Pro or Marathon / All Years
80 HP 2-stroke or 4-stroke / 1978-1989
80 HP Mariner 2-stroke / 1977-1983
90 HP 2-Stroke or 4-stroke / 1978 & newer
100 HP 2-stroke or 4-stroke / 1988-1999
115 HP 2-stroke or 4-stroke / 1978 & newer
125 HP 2-stroke or 4-stroke / 1994-2005
140 HP All include Sea Pro and Offshore / 1978-1981

This boat prop fits the following Honda outboard motors:
75 HP / 1995 & newer (15 tooth)
90 HP / 1995 & newer (15 tooth)
115 HP / 1998 & newer (15 tooth)
130 HP / 1998 & newer (15 tooth)

Why buy a Solas Stainless Prop?

A Solas Stainless Prop offers superior performance and durability. Every Solas stainless prop is manufactured using an investment casting process. This is the same method of casting used by the aerospace, power generation, and firearms industries because of its ability to produce excellent surface finish, high dimensional accuracy and ability to cast extremely intricate parts with no parting lines.

Each Solas stainless prop is made with the industry's highest percentage of chromium, nickel and molybdenum, resulting in a boat propeller that is more rigid, highly rust resistant, and less brittle. This high quality stainless steel material won't flex under load, offering superior performance to an equivalent aluminum boat propeller.

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